Fertile Garden®

Therapeutic Actions

1.Addresses problems that many women face when attempting to conceive in their middle thirties and early forties
2.Regulates the menstrual cycle

Chinese Therapeutic Effects

Replenishes the yin of the liver and kidneys. Regulates the flow of liver qi


Internal: 2 to 4 tablets TID, between meals
90 tablets, 750 mg., 15 day supply


Loranthus stem (sang ji sheng), Ashwagandha root (Withaniae somniferae), Shatavari root (Asparagus racemosus), Ligustrum fruit (nu zhen zi), Glehnia root (sha shen), Cuscuta seed (tu si zi), Pseudostellaria root (tai zi shen), Tang Kuei root (dang gui), White Peony root (bai shao), Melia fruit (chuan lian zi), Baked Licorice root (zhi gan cao)

Pinyin Reference:
Yi Guan Jian

Fertile Garden addresses factors that hinder the process of conception. Insufficiency of blood and liver qi stagnation with heat signs are common in women when they reach their mid-thirties. The menstrual cycle may present with early or scant periods, breast distention, and depression. The formula is a modification of the traditional Chinese formula One Stack Fertility Promoting Tablets. In addition to the Chinese herbs, the formula includes ashwagandha, an Aryuvedic medicinal which retains the essence and calms the spirit. Rehmannia (shu di huang) has been removed because of its cloying nature. Loranthus (sang ji shen), ligustrum (nu zhen zi), and cuscuta (tu si zi), have been added to tonify kidney yin and blood as well as kidney jing. White peony (bai shao) nourishes the blood.

Clinical Notes

Fertile Garden primarily treats a yin deficient pattern. Therefore, some women may want to add Eight Treasures postmenstrually, Woman's Balance premenstrually, and Channel Flow for dysmenorrhea

Additional Information

•Consider Maternal Herbal, for yin and yang deficiency with cold signs
•Consider Clear Phlegm (wen dan tang) with excessive phlegm
•Consider Woman's Balance for liver qi stagnation
•Stomach Tabs for dampness and cold signs
•Quiet Digestion for food stagnation
•Consider Chiroin (formerly Chirobalance) for PCOS

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